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Crunchy cookie sticks

Cookie sticks are one of the easy desserts to serve at kiddie parties. It can be eaten as such or served with …


Pepper prawn fry

Prawn is one thing that i always love to cook. Its quite easy and gets done in minutes. Moreover i prefer seafood …


Vanilla kisses

Vanilla kisses – quite an usual name for cookies. But this name did catch my attention when i was going through women’s …


Chow chow sambar

Chow chow / Chayote is one of the veggies with high water content. Mom used to be very particular in including this …


Butter chicken masala

This Butter chicken masala recipe is from Nita Mehta’s “Punjabi Khaana” book .It calls itself as easy version of makhani murg that …


Sambal for vegetarians

Sambal is one of the popular recipe in Malaysia. Nasi Lemak , country’s national dish cant exist without this sambal. Even other …